About Sweet Dream Makers

At Sweet Dream Makers we pride ourselves on giving every customer the best quality, service and price every time.

With years of experience we love to pass on all our knowledge on to help you make the right choice.

We understand that it can be a minefield buying and with so much choice and new technology, there can be so many questions:

“Should I get memory foam or latex?” – “Is pocket spring or no springs best?” – “should I get firm or soft?” – “I get so warm in bed so what is best for me?”

We try to break it down and explain all the positives and negatives; helping you to understand the options…allowing you to make the correct choice and that you can sleep or rest in comfort; giving you the energy to handle today’s hectic lifestyle.

Talking of hectic lifestyles at Sweet Dream Makers we understand that one delivery option does not suit each individual, as some customers who may be getting a wooden bed frame or bunk beds may want them quickly and they’re happy to take the boxes upstairs themselves, whereas other be others that want a 6ft divan can’t possibly get it upstairs on their own and need this doing for them. Some may also require a specific day or time so what we do at Sweet Dream Makers is offer you different services for delivery that suits you and only you.

Find out more about our Delivery options here.

We also understand that with today’s modern bed frames, bunk beds and cabin beds. if like me you are not the best when tackling the assembly of new items. we offer a assembly service so you can sit back and let the professionals do everything ready for your child to arrive home from school and mum you can pretend it was you like me.

We have amazing choice in Divan BedsMattressesOttoman BedsAdjustable BedsBunk BedsGuest BedsCabin BedsHigh SleepersLeather FramesFabric BedsMetal Beds and TV Beds. We also stock Sofa Beds and a huge range of Bed and Living Room Furniture.

So we hope we have given you all the correct information which is easy to understand with a bespoke delivery service that is right for you all at a great price.

If there is anything we have missed out or a specific need that is not available for you.then please give us a call we would love to help you out.

Our service does not stop when you have your items delivered We are not naive enough to think that every delivery goes perfect every time, but we know if our service is right, we will almost do it every time, but with this process it’s not possible as I have experienced many times when purchasing online. If there is a problem, we get it sorted straight away, with out leaving you hanging on by the phone or computer waiting for you new part or bolt. We keep you as updated with everything that’s happening, as we do at the beginning and during you order. We know there is nothing worse than everything being great until it’s delivered then when you have a problem, you can’t get through or they’re not interested.

We promise no matter how big or small we will never do this at Sweet Dream Makers.

So please enjoy browsing our great choice of beds and furniture and if you do decide to choose Sweet Dream Makers we promise to give you everything we say we will and more.