Top Tips to Avoid Shift Work Sleep Disorder

Top Tips to Avoid Shift Work Sleep Disorder

Struggling to sleep after working a night shift? Read this handy guide to avoid Shift Work Sleep Disorder, a common side effect of working shift patterns.

Getting a good sleep when working shift patterns can often prove difficult. If it isn’t the kids or the missus waking you up, it’s the postman or a car alarm going off down the street.

Added to all of that is the stress that changing your sleeping and eating patterns has on your body.

With cases of shift work sleep disorder on the rise, we’ve compiled some of our top tips on how to keep your body and mind well rested.

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The Benefits and Negatives of Solid Oak Furniture

Oak Living and Bedroom Furniture is incomparable in its strength and beauty. At the upper end of the price range it is still seen as value for money as its natural look and chunky finish lasts for many years and refuses to fade over time.

Oak bedroom and living furniture gets its appeal from all its acclaimed characteristics. Not only is Oak Wood pleasing to look at with its warm charms. The strength and beauty of the oak make it a high end product with its open grain and staining matching many different decor,s. Even over time as the oak will age but will not change from the charmfull look it creates. The durability of the solid oak wood is second to none with excellent wear resistance as the wood is very heavy and solid that helps to create furniture items that are unique and sturdy and solid in there construction.

Oak Furniture has long been considered value for money as its strength and durability matched with its charm and warmth will last for many years and not ever lose the distinguished features that make it so special and popular.

Oak beds and furniture is available in a variety of stains and finishes to blend into any interior in any room.Choose oak bedroom and living room furniture for a unique design and room setting that will last for many years.

Hope you enjoyed our blog. We currently have a massive oak bedroom and furniture sale that includes all occasional furniture and dining sets.

Healthy Sleep Habits To Stay Alert And Fresh

Healthy sleep habits are hard to maintain as the days roll into weeks and the weeks to months and before you know it its been 3 years of moaning about the mattress or squeaking bed frame and put it off.

Well this is usually OK in your 20's and 30's but will have a negative effect later on in life.

Its more important for children and the elderly. But I think everyone should ask themselves are they sleeping properly and if not then why is it?

Its widely proven by all the top sleep specialists that a good nights sleep is essential to the health of the mind and body in so many ways.

There are so many dangers if you ignore the signs of bad sleeping habits and can lead to many health problems in the future. When simple change and a good sleeping pattern can keep both body and mind fresh and active through out the day.

Sleep deprivation is really critical in so many ways and can cause everything from mental impairments to accidents. A study showed that four to six hours sleep each night due to irritation or poor habits especially in young adults can show a real decline in there mental and function and there alertness throughout the day.

This can effect your ability to drive or work to you full potential.

This is why it is proven that we need a full 8 hours sleep a night to function properly and maintain our health every night we sleep.

So lets ask ourselves are we getting the 8 hours each night?

And if not then we need to find out the reason and ensure we start maintaining healthy habits and promote well being and good health.

After all all the top professors say healthy sleep habits are crucial to maintaining a healthy mind and body and a good nights sleep for all ages is essential for a great body and mind.

And a lack of sleep can cause all sorts of physical and mental problems, from mood changes to overeating.

Its essential for children to get no sleep disruptions and need to be taken more seriously as they are more vulnerable to chronic sleep deprivation which can have serious effects on there mood and focus at important times of the day.

So ask yourself are you and those around you maintaining a healthy sleep pattern and if not then make the changes needed to change it for the better.

Remember not to put that new mattress off if its needed to start getting the right amount of sleep.

Ask the children if their mattress is comfy and ask yourself then if not. You don't need to break the bank to get a new mattress that will give you a much better day with you functioning at your best.

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