Mattress Guide

Your in depth guide for purchasing the right mattress for you

What is important when buying a mattress?

Ask yourself are you getting enough sleep? If you need an alarm clock to wake up or are reliant on caffeinated drinks in the morning you need more sleep. Other signs include being irritable and impulsive, do you take risks while driving?

How can I decide which mattress is the best for me?

There is not a perfect mattress that fits everyone. The best mattress is the one that offers you best comfort and a good price-performance ratio. Therefore the first question when buying a mattress is what are your sleeping habits, your requirements and what extras do you need. Be aware that the different technologies offer you different kinds of comfort and that there is a broad variety of qualities. Mattresses that look alike at first sight may be different.

Why is it important to test a mattress in the store and how should it be tested?

It is very important that you have a good idea of the mattress you and your partner enjoy and this can be from the last few mattresses you ordered or buy testing some out in the showroom. Why not come and see us and we can help you pick the correct mattress for you.

Which level of firmness is recommendable and are firmer mattresses generally better than softer ones?

The firmness of the mattress can make all the difference. as you know from sleeping in hotels or on holiday if the mattress is too firm or soft it can really alter your enjoyment. Many years ago the rule was the firmer the better so now with all the latest technology you can have comfort and support without putting a door under your mattress. Check out our mattresses in store and get the correct support and comfort that you need.

Do different sleeping positions require different levels of mattress firmness?

We all sleep different some on our back some on the side and turning and then those of us that just sleep any way and mostly on our front. We should know what way is best for us to sleep and get the level of firmness that supports the way of sleeping that I enjoy.

Which criteria of comfort should a new mattress offer?

Your new mattress should feel like a new pair of shoes. As it can take a couple of weeks to settle in to it, but then you should have a great new level of comfort and support and feel comfy as well as supported every night. Please don’t ever neglect the comfort level of the mattress. Your new mattress should be both supportive and comfy every night.

What is the mattress core made of and which one is the best?

There are many different cores to mattresses now with many different springs and foam used. However a must is getting a reflex foam support under all memory foam as the 2 together work as one and produce a much better support system when used together.

What are the most important kinds of foam mattresses?

The main foam used in mattresses is memory foam latex and in some cases like the mammoth medical grade foam. A popular choice in mattresses is a mix of spring and foam used together. This gives you the comfort and durability of the springs as well as giving you the posture support of the foam or latex that is positioned on top of the springs.

What are the most important kinds of latex mattresses?

It is important to ensure you get a natural latex like talalay the world’s leading latex. Latex is not cheap so if you see a latex model that looks to cheap it is probably a import or cheap alternative. All our latex mattresses are made in the Uk with the best latex used in every mattress.

What are the most important kinds of spring mattresses?

There is 2 main spring systems used in mattresses. The ortho open coil spring system which has a wire rod edge with all the springs linked together giving a firmer support. However by far the most popular springs used is the individual pocket spring. Each spring is coiled and housed in its own fabric housing thus providing a individual support and a spring system that moves with you and also gets into the body’s natural curves. There is many different spring counts in the mattresses we would recommend anything from 1000-2000 in any Kingsize Mattress for the best support and comfort.

How is latex different from memory foam?

Memory foam is man-made and a pressure relieving foam that responds to heat so the more the body warms the more the foam moulds to the shape of your body. Beware that memory foam can make you much warmer in bed. Latex is a natural foam gel that has been used medically for 100,s of years and provides great comfort and support to the body’s natural curves and will not make you any warmer in bed. Many foams like blu-cool and gel foam now give you the support and pressure relief off memory foam without altering your body’s temperature and making you over heat. The new technology can be found in many of our mattresses.

Why is it recommendable to buy a full bed instead of just a mattress?

It is highly important in divan beds that you change the full bed if bought together and over 5 years old. The base may look fine but if you run you hand over the top it usually has a dip and will rapidly decrease the lifespan of you new mattress. If you are changing the mattress on a slatted bed frame then as long as the base is still solid then a new mattress only is fine.

What is the lifespan of a mattress today?

There is no correct answer to this as it can depend on many things. Was the mattress bought with the base or placed on a old base as this can decrease the mattress life time. Also how much was paid for the mattress? A mattress that costs £100 will not last and give you the correct support for the same amount of time as a £1000 mattress. The body usually starts top tell you when you are not getting the correct support and night’s sleep. Once this happens it is time to replace the mattress with a new one as this will lead to problems in later life.

What can I do against dust mites?

Many mattresses now feature anti dust mite fillings and covers that help prevent allergies and asthma. If you suffer with allergies it is important to choose a mattress that features the bug guard technology.