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View our large choice of mattresses. At SweetDreamMakers we like to spend our time with our customers to help them select the right choice for them, Weather in store or online we will give our expert advice in choosing the perfect mattress for you.

There is so many different mattress types to choose from with the different fillings and springs that it can become a bit of a mine field choosing the best one for we try to narrow it down in simple terms.

The 2 main spring options are the pocket springs that are individually housed in their own fabric for independent sleeping movement, This is ideal if you have a different weighted partner or a fidgety sleeper.

For those of you who prefer a firmer support and the traditional style orthopaedic open coil spring mattress then we do many orthopaedic mattresses as well as no roll twin springs for a no roll together no roll; off action. Once the spring system is decided it’s in to the fillings.

Memory foam and latex provide a supportive foam action or choose natural wool and silk for fillings for a more traditional mattress feel. Choose the firmness rating that suits you and if you would be best suited to a non-turn mattress then look out for these mattresses. At Sweet Dream Makers we only supply the best manufacturers that includes, Mammoth beds, Slumberdream, Sealy Beds, Highgate Beds,Highgate beds and Sweet Dreams.

We offer a wide range of both full memory foam mattresses as well as combination spring and foam mattresses, Memory foam was invented for the astronauts to support them on their take off. As the foam is designed to mould to the complete shape of your body supporting your natural curves any way you choose to sleep.